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Ngu Hanh Son is a complex of 6 mountains growing close together, gathering all the beauties from nature and spirituality, giving visitors a journey to visit and explore wonderful landscapes.

Ngu Hanh Son is located in an area with a very favorable geographical position, 8km from the center of Da Nang city. This is a destination loved by tourists on their journey to visit the lands of the Central Heritage Road such as: Hue Ancient Capital - Marble Mountains - Hoi An Ancient Town - My Son Temple Relics.

What is the beauty of exploring Ngu Hanh Son tourist area?

The complex of Ngu Hanh Son scenic spots includes 6 limestone mountains: Tho Son, Hoa Son (including Duong Hoa Son and Am Hoa Son), Thuy Son, Moc Son, and Kim Son. In addition, this place also has beautiful scenery and many mysterious caves such as Huyen Khong cave, Huyen Vi cave, Van Thong cave, ... attracting tourists to visit and travel.

2.1. Thuy Son is the most beautiful of the mountains in Ngu Hanh Son

Traveling to Da Nang without checking-in Thuy Son, the largest mountain and many beautiful sights worth visiting in this Da Nang, will be extremely regrettable. This is a destination steeped in spirituality, culture and history.

Up to the top of Thuy Son, visitors will be overwhelmed by the unique natural scenery of the entire Marble Mountains, the image of the city in the distance and the beautiful and poetic beaches surrounding it.

Kim Son - The location of Quan The Am temple

Kim Son mountain has a cave about more than 50m long hidden at the bottom. Inside the cave are very beautiful stalactites, diverse shapes, clear and sharp lines. In particular, the stalactite layer in the cave clings to the cliff to form a life-size statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, standing majestically on a coiled dragon.

This is a destination not to be missed for spiritual travelers. In addition, in Kim Son is also famous for the traditional Avalokitesvara festival held every year, in order to maintain and spread the Buddhist culture.

Moc Son with white marble Quan Am stone block

Moc Son has a white marble block shaped like a sitting person, impressing many visitors. The stone block is often called Ba Quan Am or Co Mu by indigenous people. This is the only mountain in Ngu Hanh Son that has no temples or spirituality, and very few trees.

Linh Ung Pagoda Ngu Hanh Son

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang is an ancient temple nearly 200 years old, located on Thuy Son mountain, a sacred place amidst the magnificent nature of Ngu Hanh Son mountain in Da Nang.

Visiting the main hall of Linh Ung Pagoda, visitors will see a system of dharma statues arranged including: three statues of Buddha, Manjushri Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva Universal Worthy, Avalokitesvara, Shakyamuni Tathagata, Ksitigarbha, Quan. The standard sound is elaborately crafted, with 2 statues of Dharma Protector and Thirty-Bat Arhat.

2.5. Hoa Son

Hoa Son consists of two twin mountains, Am Hoa Son and Duong Hoa Son. Am Hoa Son, located in the east, is an attractive destination for passionate travelers who want to learn about rock and art. In Am Hoa Son, the mountain slopes are slanted, broken rocks, and trees grow very nicely in the interstitial spaces. In particular, below is a cave connecting from the South to the North.

Duong Hoa Son is located in the west, there is Linh Son ancient pagoda, behind the pagoda is Huyen Vy cave. In addition, there is also Pho Da Son cave, inside is the Pho Da Son pagoda with the history of King Minh Mang's sister.

2.6. Tho Son owns 1 tunnel and 4 temples

Tho Son is impressed by the steep cliffs. This place has very few trees, located in the North of Ngu Hanh Son. To the east of Tho Son, there is a cave about 20m deep, but the entrance is very narrow. In addition, there is Bo De cave, known by another name as "Da Chong Mountain Tunnel". As a historical relic, used to be the hiding place and activities of the revolutionary soldiers in the past.

2.7. Underworld is dark and mysterious

Am Phu Cave is a famous cave that many tourists visit in the journey to discover Ngu Hanh Son. In front of the cave, there is a bridge of Yin and Yang, and the road inside the cave is divided into two directions: Heaven and Hell.

Am Phu cave has 12 prison gates, each door has a ruler. Coming here, you will admire the scene re-enacting the legend of the underworld, the punishments for people after going to hell, etc. After visiting Hell, remember to step on the way to Heaven to feel like has just been resurrected, freed from the horrors of hell.

2.8. Huyen Khong Cave - the most beautiful cave in Ngu Hanh Son

Huyen Khong cave is an open-air cave, one of the most beautiful caves of Ngu Hanh Son. When the light shines on the cave, creating an extremely shimmering and fanciful scene, making visitors feel like they are lost in a fairyland. In addition, this is a destination that attracts tourists to pray for fortune at Ba Chua Tien Temple and pray for peace and health at Chua Thuong Ngan Temple.

2.9. Tam Thai Pagoda has ancient Buddhist architecture

Tam Thai Pagoda is a long-standing ancient temple, located on Thuy Son mountain, surrounded by charming natural scenery. Every year, the temple welcomes a large number of tourists and Buddhist monks and nuns to visit.

The main hall of the temple worships Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, Amitabha Buddha, and Duc Dai The Chi. Walking in the temple, visitors will feel the soul becomes unusually peaceful, and themselves as if they are lost in the sacred place of Buddha.

2.10. Vong Giang Dai

Vong Giang Dai is located at the top of Thuy Son, which is an ideal place for you to observe the whole Ngu Hanh Son population, look at Cam Le and Co Co rivers. This river viewing platform is located opposite the Ancestral Church area of ​​Tam Thai Pagoda, with a narrow entrance, consisting of slightly winding natural stone steps.

2.11. Ngu Hanh Son Non Nuoc Stone Village

After visiting the Marble Mountains, visitors can visit Non Nuoc stone village, a famous traditional handicraft village of stone carving in Da Nang. Coming here, you will be immersed in the world of artistic sculpture among works with delicate beauty created by the creative hands of sculptors.

2.12. Non Nuoc Beach - tourist attractions near Marble Mountains

Non Nuoc Beach, the most beautiful Da Nang beach near Ngu Hanh Son is an ideal destination for you to immerse yourself in the cool water, admire the dreamy blue clouds and ripples after the journey to visit and conquer the mountains first. there.





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